The Hottest Trends in Fur Today

Latest trends in fur today

With each new year, there are new fashion industry trends for wearing fur in Chicago. If you have fur coats or fur accessories that you would like to update in order to keep up with the most current fur trends, you can take them to an experienced fur specialist for fur remodeling, fur coat alterations, or fur coat restyling. Here is a look at some of the hottest trends in fur today. Latest trends in fur today

Fur Hats Are the Most Stylish of the Fur Accessories

Out of all of the fur accessories that you could choose for 2016, fashion industry experts have declared that the fur hat is the most stylish choice. This season, many designers are including fur hats as part of their 2016 fashion lines. From oversized fox fur hats to dainty mink fur berets, you can make any outfit look trendy and stylish with this crucial fur accessory. You can pair a fur hat with both casual and chic ensembles and still look fashionable.

Oversized Fur Coats Are Back In

Another key trend for 2016 furs is the oversized fur coat. As you start shopping the holiday fur sales, keep an eye out for big, boxy fur coats. Whether you’re wearing a cropped fur coat or a full-length one, buy one a size or two larger than what you would typically wear. An oversized fur coat is a statement piece that will ensure that you’re on-trend this season. For an even bolder look, find an oversized fur coat that is dyed in more than one color for an ombré effect.

Mink and Fox Furs Are the Fur of Choice

The most popular type of fur for fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories this season is mink fur and fox fur. Fox fur has been popular for generations, as it is dense, long-haired, soft, and silky. Multicolored mink fur is also incredibly popular with designers for 2016. Look for fox or mink fur accessories, fur coats and boots trimmed in fox or mink fur, and mink hats or fox trapper hats.