• How to Wear a Fur Vest

    Are you ready to add a touch of elegance and flair to your winter, spring or fall wardrobe? Chicago’s fur accessories , such as a fur vest, can be both practical and fashionable solutions to any blustery winter day or the cool days of spring and fall. Fur vests are especially popular right now, and they create a look that anyone can pull off with ease.

    Fur vests are a great layering option for transitional weather days—your body will be warm, but if the weather changes, you won’t have to carry a heavy coat over your arm to stay comfortable. Try wearing your fur vest with jeans and booties for a very of-the-moment look, or wear it over a classic little black dress for extra elegance.

    Remember to practice proper fur care with your fur accessories, just as you would with a more expensive fur coat. When you’re not wearing your fur vest, keep it in a cool, dry place away from light. This will help keep your fur vest looking its best.

    Learn how to wear a fur vest

  • Caring for Your Fur Coat

    If you’ve recently invested in a stunning fur coat, you should be thinking about fur storage in Chicago. Proper fur storage is an essential part of fur care and is important to keeping your investment in good condition so that you can enjoy it for many more winters to come.

    During the winter months, while you are wearing your fur coats and accessories frequently, keep them in a cool closet away from heat and light. Do not store them in bags or wrap them in sheets or other material because this will crush the fur. Your fur needs to have air circulation around it so it should hang alone in your closet without being crushed between other garments. The transport bag you received when you purchased your new fur is just for transporting it only. Never keep your fur in a bag and especially never use plastic except for transport, as plastic will smother the fur.

    Keep your furs in a cool, dry area that is far away from any sources of heat or light. In some cases, your common coat closet won’t be the best fit for your precious furs. Lastly always store your furs with your furrier in a temperature and humidity controlled vault during the warmer months.

    Caring tips for your fur coat

  • A Glance at Different Types of Fur

    Fur coats in Chicago can be made from a variety of different types of fur. Furs from different animals have different looks, textures, and durability. The type of fur that you prefer to wear will depend on your color preferences, how frequently you intend to wear the fur, and how you like the fur to feel. Keep reading for a quick glance at different types of fur.

    Fur coats Mink

    Fur coats made from mink fur are the most popular choice for most people—and for good reason! Mink are populous in North America, and their fur is extremely durable. In fact, it can last over two decades if proper fur care is practiced. The hairs of mink fur generally have a silky texture and even length, with a natural sheen.


    Fox fur has distinctive coloring and is made of longer hairs. Because of this specific look, fox fur is very popular among those who want a glamourous look. Fox also has a consistent demand in colder climates. Fox fur is durable and can be worn frequently; however, it does shed more than shorter hair furs. Of course all furs need to be cleaned at least once a year in order to maintain their suppleness and luster. Red fox fur, which is the most common type of fox fur, is generally less expensive than other types of fox fur. Fox fur comes in many natural and dyed colors.


    The ermine is a type of weasel whose brown, gray, or yellow fur changes to a snowy white during wintertime. This type of fur was once the most expensive, and was reserved for royalty. Nowadays, the fur is much more affordable. This fur type is very warm and great for extremely cold climates. As it is seen to be too formal for everyday looks, an ermine fur coat lasts a long time when reserved for formal events only. This fur needs to be cared for appropriately so that it retains its white color. Keep it stored away from sunlight, which could potentially turn it a shade of yellow.

  • A Modern Look at Fashionable Fur

    Fur coats in Chicago are essential for chilly weather and wind. Today, wearing fur is even more fresh and modern than ever before. A fur coat is an affordable necessity for anyone who wants to stay warm during the cold fall and winter months. Furs are now available in nearly every conceivable shape, color, size, and texture. Keep reading to learn more about modern fur styles, including fur coats, fur jackets, and fur stoles. A modern look at fashionable fur

    Fur Coats

    Fur coats are classic pieces and timeless investments. For centuries, women and men alike have worn long fur coats for comfort, warmth, and luxury. Today, a fur coat is just as fashionable as ever before. However, new techniques in fur making have made it possible for even long fur coats to be versatile and wearable. For a modern daytime look, you can pair a long fur coat with jeans and heels or ballet flats. Furs easily transition into night with a short dress and flat boots.

    Fur Jackets

    While fur coats have long been a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, shorter fur jackets are a more recent development. In the 1950s, designers like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Balenciaga began including more casual fur jackets in their collections. In contrast to the fur coats of previous generations, these edgy modern jackets became integral to both day and nighttime attire. In the 1960s, even luxury furs began emerging in exciting new shades and shapes. Pastel mink, blonde mink, and red fox were popular colors for furs.

    Fur Stoles

    Fur stoles and wraps have long been popular. However, these furs are now widely appreciated as key accessories for both men and women. For a more formal look, fur hats and mittens perfectly complement fur coats in mink, raccoon, lynx, and sable. For a more casual spin, throw a single-pelt fur stole over one shoulder. During the warm summer months, try a fur jacket with a colorful dress. When it comes to furs, your options are limitless.

  • Casual Fur Coat Looks

    When it comes to fur coats in Chicago, you have countless options to suit your style and budget. Today, a casual fur coat is essential for everyday wear during the cold winter and chilly spring months.

    Fur coats are often associated with elegance and warmth. However, modern furs are truly designed for everyday wear, and a fur coat is no longer solely a luxury item. Fur capes are especially ideal for a more casual spin on the classic floor-length fur. These shorter jackets are perfect for throwing on with skinny jeans, a flat over-the-knee boot, and a cashmere sweater for an informal brunch. For weeknight drinks, wear your office dress with a fur jacket. By swapping out your heels for tights and boots, you can easily transition from business to casual. For a Friday night dinner date, opt for ballet flats, leather leggings, and a fur coat made of raccoon or rabbit. These more affordable furs look effortless and chic at the same time. To make fur coats even more fun, try purchasing gray or brown instead of more formal black. Casual fur coat for men