A Glance at Different Types of Fur

Fur coats in Chicago can be made from a variety of different types of fur. Furs from different animals have different looks, textures, and durability. The type of fur that you prefer to wear will depend on your color preferences, how frequently you intend to wear the fur, and how you like the fur to feel. Keep reading for a quick glance at different types of fur.

Fur coats Mink

Fur coats made from mink fur are the most popular choice for most people—and for good reason! Mink are populous in North America, and their fur is extremely durable. In fact, it can last over two decades if proper fur care is practiced. The hairs of mink fur generally have a silky texture and even length, with a natural sheen.


Fox fur has distinctive coloring and is made of longer hairs. Because of this specific look, fox fur is very popular among those who want a glamourous look. Fox also has a consistent demand in colder climates. Fox fur is durable and can be worn frequently; however, it does shed more than shorter hair furs. Of course all furs need to be cleaned at least once a year in order to maintain their suppleness and luster. Red fox fur, which is the most common type of fox fur, is generally less expensive than other types of fox fur. Fox fur comes in many natural and dyed colors.


The ermine is a type of weasel whose brown, gray, or yellow fur changes to a snowy white during wintertime. This type of fur was once the most expensive, and was reserved for royalty. Nowadays, the fur is much more affordable. This fur type is very warm and great for extremely cold climates. As it is seen to be too formal for everyday looks, an ermine fur coat lasts a long time when reserved for formal events only. This fur needs to be cared for appropriately so that it retains its white color. Keep it stored away from sunlight, which could potentially turn it a shade of yellow.