A Modern Look at Fashionable Fur

A modern look at fashionable fur - Thumb

Fur coats in Chicago are essential for chilly weather and wind. Today, wearing fur is even more fresh and modern than ever before. A fur coat is an affordable necessity for anyone who wants to stay warm during the cold fall and winter months. Furs are now available in nearly every conceivable shape, color, size, and texture. Keep reading to learn more about modern fur styles, including fur coats, fur jackets, and fur stoles. A modern look at fashionable fur

Fur Coats

Fur coats are classic pieces and timeless investments. For centuries, women and men alike have worn long fur coats for comfort, warmth, and luxury. Today, a fur coat is just as fashionable as ever before. However, new techniques in fur making have made it possible for even long fur coats to be versatile and wearable. For a modern daytime look, you can pair a long fur coat with jeans and heels or ballet flats. Furs easily transition into night with a short dress and flat boots.

Fur Jackets

While fur coats have long been a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, shorter fur jackets are a more recent development. In the 1950s, designers like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Balenciaga began including more casual fur jackets in their collections. In contrast to the fur coats of previous generations, these edgy modern jackets became integral to both day and nighttime attire. In the 1960s, even luxury furs began emerging in exciting new shades and shapes. Pastel mink, blonde mink, and red fox were popular colors for furs.

Fur Stoles

Fur stoles and wraps have long been popular. However, these furs are now widely appreciated as key accessories for both men and women. For a more formal look, fur hats and mittens perfectly complement fur coats in mink, raccoon, lynx, and sable. For a more casual spin, throw a single-pelt fur stole over one shoulder. During the warm summer months, try a fur jacket with a colorful dress. When it comes to furs, your options are limitless.