Which Classic Fur Style Is Right for You?

Looking to buy a fur coat in Chicago ? There are many different styles of fur coats available to fit any fashion preference—some are hip and trendy, others follow designer runway looks, and even more are made in timeless styles that never go out of fashion. These classic furs usually have a more traditional look and conservative cut that looks fantastic on anyone. If you’re a first-time fur buyer, choose a classic fur with clean, minimalistic lines that will look good no matter the trends. Keep reading to learn more about the different varieties of classic fur styles.

Learn which classic fur style is right for you Full-Length Coats

A full-length fur coat, also called a greatcoat, is the most versatile fur coat style. It goes with everything in your wardrobe—slacks, skirts of all cuts, dresses, and formal wear. A greatcoat is also the best choice if you live in a cold, wintry climate, as it will keep your whole body warm. Are most greatcoats a little long for you? Your local fur salon should have a furrier who can alter the hem to the perfect length for your height.

Seven-Eighths Length Coats

Do you want a coat that’s long enough to keep you fully warm, but still lets your style show through? Consider a seven-eighths length coat. This style usually hits around the knees, covering about seven-eighths of the clothes you wear underneath. That way, passersby will still get a peek at your chosen outfit, or you can show off your stunning legs.

Three-Quarter Length Coats

Like seven-eighths length coats, three-quarter length coats keep all of your upper body and some of your lower body covered so that you can stay warm on wintry days. Three-quarter length coats usually hit around the mid-thigh area. They show a bit more leg than seven-eighths length coats, and are especially flattering on petite body frames.

Stroller Coats

Want the fur look, but don’t need full-coverage warmth? Stroller fur coats are a little bit longer than jacket-length. They look great with pantsuits and shorter dresses or skirts. In addition, they’re extremely versatile, going between casual and formal looks with ease.