How to Keep Your Furs Looking Great

How to keep your furs looking great - Thumb

Without the proper fur care from a furrrier in Chicago, your fur coats, capes, and accessories will begin to show wear and tear. Fur cleaning, remodeling, and restoration can ensure that your luxury furs remain beautiful and durable for a lifetime. A furrier can also provide expert fur repairs that are virtually unnoticeable on your luxury furs.

You can further protect your luxury furs from the need for fur repairs by practicing at-home fur care. Avoid using greasy lotions or heavy perfumes while wearing furs. You shouldn’t wear a fur coat or fur cape with a shoulder bag, as the strap can create a bald patch. When not being worn, luxury furs should be kept in a dark closet on a fur hanger. You should visit a furrier for cleaning before placing your coat in fur storage. You should clean your fur every season regardless of how much you wore it.

You should put your furs in a fur cold storage facility from late spring until early or late fall. A fur storage facility will protect your fur from damage caused by sun exposure, fluctuating or extreme temperatures, humidity, and insect or vermin infestations.

How to keep your furs looking great