Tips for Fur Cleaning

Fur cleaning tips by Andriana Furs - Thumb

Before you put your luxury furs into storage, you should take them to a furrier for professional care and fur cleaning in Chicago . A furrier will thoroughly inspect your fur coats, capes, and accessories for signs of dirt, damage, wear, and tear. He will then perform the necessary fur repairs and cleaning to ensure that your luxury furs remain beautiful and last a lifetime.

Only a professional furrier should perform fur cleaning. Fur cleaning should be done every year or whenever a luxury fur has stains or odors, becomes wet from rain or snow, or is about to go into fur cold storage.

The furrier will then use safe cleaning products designed especially for use of furs to bring your fur back to its original beauty and luster. Never take your fur to a dry cleaner. Furs require a special cleaning process performed by a professional furrier.

Fur cleaning tips by Andriana Furs