What Are the Most Popular Types of Furs?

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No matter what your personal style is or what your needs are, there is a fur that’s right for you. When you visit the Chicago fur coat professionals, you’ll be able to see many different varieties of furs and how they compare.

Mink is perhaps the most popular type of fur, and has been for many years. It is luxuriously soft and warm, and is surprisingly lightweight at the same time. For a slightly more unusual fur look, consider fox fur. This type of fur comes in a range of natural colors such as red, silver, and gray, and is often used for trims as well as fur capes. Chinchilla used to be among the rarer types of fur, but thanks to modern practices, it is more widely available now. The fur of the chinchilla is soft, plush, and very lightweight, making it a versatile choice for fur coats and accessories alike. Once you see these furs in person, you’ll be able to choose which looks and feels best for your needs.

Types of Furs