What You Need to Know About Fur Cleaning

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When you are looking for a way to be warm and stylish at the same time, look no further than investing in a fur coat in Chicago. A fur is a luxurious way to stay comfortable and it will turn heads as you walk down the street. In order for your investment to last a long time, it is important that you take good care of it .

Furs need special care and they are well worth it. You should have your furs cleaned every year, regardless of how often you wore them. Never have your furs dry cleaned, as this can strip the natural oils and make your coat look dull and lifeless. If your fur gets a bit damp, hang it on a broad hanger to dry in a space where there is air circulation. Do not put a damp fur in a closet, or you could risk it growing mold and eventually rotting. Never put a damp fur in the dryer or near a radiator or other heat source as that will damage the skins. When your fur needs to be cleaned, bring it to a reliable furrier where they have all the specialty items needed to clean your fur, restore its luster, and keep it looking fabulous. Proper fur care will prolong the life of your item and keep you looking stylish for years to come.

Things to know about fur cleaning