What to Consider When Gifting Furs

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Furs make truly special gifts that can last for a lifetime. However, there are several things to consider when giving the gift of fur, so that the recipient can make the most of it. When you go shopping for furs in Chicago to give as a gift, keep these considerations in mind. Things to consider before shopping for furs


Where the recipient lives can influence your decision when buying furs dramatically. For instance, for someone in Chicago and other places with cold winters, fur coats are great for keeping away the chill. If you’re buying fur for someone who lives in a warmer climate, fur accessories may be a better solution, since they can easily be worn with lighter jackets. When you’re purchasing the fur, be sure to ask questions about which types of fur are warmest and which are a little lighter, so you can select accordingly.


When some people think of fur, they only picture long, formal fur coats. Although these gorgeous types of coats are timeless, they are not the right choice for everyone. Fortunately, there are many different ways to wear fur—enough so that it can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Consider the style of the recipient, and choose a fur that complements his or her look. For some people, this could mean a formal, full-length fur, while others may prefer a fur cape or other type of accessory. Short fur coats are good for dressing up and down, so they are ideal for wearing frequently.


Fur requires a certain amount of special care when it comes to cleaning and storage. Be sure that the recipient has the resources to devote to the kind of care the fur you choose will need. For instance, if you’re purchasing fur for a younger person, you may want to choose a fur accessory that doesn’t need a lot of attention, while if your gift is for someone a little older who can commit to proper fur care, you may want to invest in a coat that could be passed down from generation to generation.