What to Do if Your Fur Gets Wet

Steps to reduce the risk of long term fur damage in winter - Thumb

One thing most fur coat owners are diligent about is avoiding getting their coats wet. However, you can’t always avoid moisture, especially when you’re wearing fur in Chicago in the winter. When your fur coat does become wet, don’t panic. Simply take these steps to reduce the risk of long-term fur damage.

If your fur is wet, simply shake it out and then place it in a dry, well-ventilated room. Don’t try to speed the drying process with heat, as this will only succeed in drying out the leather. When your fur is dry, simply shake it out again to refresh the fur and make it look full. If you think it could need to be brushed, take it to your fur sales agent for proper treatment. You could damage the fur if you try to brush or comb it on your own, even gently.

This process will work for a moderate amount of rain or snow. If your fur coat becomes completely saturated with water, seek professional fur repair as soon as possible. Your furrier should be able to safely remove the moisture and stop permanent damage from happening.

Steps to reduce the risk of long term fur damage in winter