• Accessories Available at Andriana Furs

    When you look for various Chicago fur accessories, call Andriana Furs for the best selection around. No matter what type of fur you are looking for—fur capes, scarves, gloves, or hats—you will never be disappointed with the wide selection Andriana Furs has to offer. Here is a brief look at the exceptional fur accessories you will find once you call Andriana Furs:

    • Fur hats are the essential fur accessory on a cold, winter day. Fur coats can only provide so much warmth, and they must be matched with a beautiful fur hat to keep your head and ears warm.
    • Fur scarves are a popular addition to any outfit, whether you are wearing a fur coat or not. Scarves can be used for a chilly fall day or for the days it feels like a blizzard has hit the city.
    • Fur trimmed or leather gloves should be added to every winter wardrobe. You cannot enjoy your work day or a night out with friends if your fingers are frozen stiff.

    Accessories available at Andriana furs

  • Tips for Finding the Perfect Fur for a Gift

    If you’ve been searching for the ideal gift for a loved one, you might consider seeking out a fur. Furs are synonymous with classiness and sophistication, and they are also long-lasting gifts that can provide their wearers with pleasure for many years to come. They can even become family heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation. However, there are a few important points that every first-time fur buyer should keep in mind while looking for a fur for sale in Chicago . Choosing the best fur for gift

    Always look at furs in person. While many people buy furs online, it’s generally preferable to buy a fur in person so that you can personally inspect it. If this is your first time shopping for furs, it will be difficult to decide which fur you want without being able to see what it looks and feels like. Seeing a fur in person will also help to ensure that you purchase a high-quality fur, without any visible flaws.

    Look at as many furs as possible. If you’ve never shopped for furs before, you may not be aware of the sheer variety of furs that are available. You can choose between a wide selection of different types of fur, including fox, mink, and chinchilla. Furs are also available in numerous styles, sizes, and colors. When inspecting a fur, ask yourself if it feels comfortable and soft, and if a person is likely to enjoy wearing it repeatedly.

    Keep the recipient in mind. If you’re buying a fur as a present for somebody, keep that person’s tastes and sense of style in mind while you are shopping. Look at the other types of clothes that this person likes to wear, and ask what type of fur would be appropriate. You should also know the person’s eye and hair color; this will help you find a color of fur that will be well suited to that individual.

  • How Mink Pelts Are Graded

    Mink is one of the most popular types of fur. When you are shopping for mink furs , it is important to know that furs are graded for quality and beauty. The pelts are hand selected and matched for size, quality and color before a garment is carefully handcrafted. A mink fur with a higher grade will be more expensive when it is transformed into a coat, jacket, cape, or accessory. Your Chicago fur professionals can provide you with valuable information about how to examine fur quality and help you select the fur that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

    Learn how mink pelts are graded

  • A Look at the Layaway Program at Andriana Furs

    If you have been thinking about changing up your style this coming winter, you may want to explore the layaway program that Andriana Furs has to offer you. While a fur coat may seem like a major investment for your winter wardrobe, the layaway program at Andriana Furs will make it easy and affordable to purchase the luxury furs of your dreams. After you have purchased a fur coat with our layaway program, your garment will remain in our fur cold storage facility in Chicago until you are ready to wear it.

    Our fur layaway program includes 3 easy steps. After you have chosen the perfect fur coat, you will make a down payment toward the purchase of your fur. Next, you will make affordable monthly payments toward the purchase of your fur. These payments are completely interest-free. Finally, you can walk into our fur salon and wear your beautiful fur coat out the door.

    fut - coats

  • Purchasing Furs Online Vs. At a Store

    Purchasing Furs Online Vs. At a Store

    Purchasing a fur is one of the best investments that you can make for your wardrobe. During the coldest months of winter, your fur will keep you warm, while also providing each outfit with impeccable style. After you purchase your fur and fur accessories, you will need to find a professional furrier that offers fur storage in Chicago. Regular cleaning and Fur cold storage will keep the pelt and leather clean, soft, and supple after you put your fur away for the season. If you are considering the purchase of a new fur, it is recommended that you always purchase your fur from a professional furrier in a store, rather than online. fur - coat

    Examine Quality

    Buying a fur coat at a furrier will allow you to carefully examine the quality of your piece. As you are inspecting your fur, you will want to make sure that the surface of the pelt has a smooth and soft feel. You can also feel the pelt to ensure that it has a well developed fur pattern. Finally, you can also look at the leather side to make sure that it is supple and well conditioned.

    Ensure Proper Fit

    When you purchase your fur in a store, you will also be able to make sure that your coat or accessory fits you properly. A fur coat should drape elegantly over your shoulders, without being too loose or too snug. To make sure that your fur is able to keep you warm, you will also want to determine where your coat will hit on your leg or thigh. Your professional furrier will alter your garment to assure that it fits your body perfectly!

    Evaluate Weight

    Shopping for a fur online could result in the purchase of a garment that is too heavy or light for your preferences. At your local furrier, you will be able to examine each piece in the collection and find a fur that is the right weight for your preferences. After you have purchased a luxurious new fur coat, you can protect your investment by placing your fur in a reputable storage facility.

    Consider Color

    Shopping in a fur salon you will be able to see the vast array of colors and shades of all the types of furs. The only way to assure that the fur color is exactly what you want is to see it in person in the store. Online images do not always properly portray color.