Breaking Fur Fashion Taboos

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Fur fashion

Do you love the look, feel and warmth of fur? If you love to wear fur, you no longer need to feel limited by any “unwritten rules” for where and when it can be worn. When you think about wearing fur you should know that fur has evolved and is now a versatile fashion element that can enhance any wardrobe and be worn in any number of ways. Today fur is a wise and viable fashion choice that can take you anywhere!

  • Fur isn’t just for formal wear. While fur can be glamorous and sophisticated, it is not a one-note It can look just as amazing with a pair of jeans as it does with a cocktail dress. A smart, sleek, short jacket is a great look that can be worn all winter.
  • Fur is not just an outdoor accessory.  While fur is thought of as outerwear because it’s one of the best ways to stay warm in winter, you can just as easily make fur part of your indoor outfits, perhaps by choosing a cozy pullover, versatile vest or fur collar.
  • Fur can be a subtle staple. Sure, you can choose a statement piece made of fur, because there are a wide variety of eye-catching options available. You can also incorporate just a little bit of fur, to make it an understated but stylish part of your wardrobe. You might choose a coat with fur accents on the hood or cuffs so that it makes a statement but doesn’t command the entire focus. Another choice is choosing a jacket with detachable fur so that you can decide when you need more warmth.

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