• Choosing a Fur-lined Raincoat or Raincoat Parka for Winter

    With winter here, that means the temperatures have dropped and rainy days have begun. With the changing weather, you need a fur-lined raincoat (a full length garment) or fur-lined raincoat parka (a shorter garment with a hood) that will see you through the winter with beauty and comfort. Fur-lined raincoats will keep you warm, but will also allow you to easily remove the fur from the coat’s lining when you need it. Let’s take a closer look at choosing your next Chicago fur-lined raincoat or raincoat parka.

    Look for Versatility

    During this winter, a versatile raincoat, such as a fur-lined raincoat, will come in handy for every cold and rainy day. A fur-lined raincoat could last you through the winter, if you plan correctly. Fur-lined raincoats have a zip-out fur lining that will keep you warm when you need it and are easily changed whenever you would like.

    Look for Comfort

    Your fur-lined raincoat will likely be used most days this winter, so it should be comfortable to wear often. Ensure that your fur-lined raincoat fits you well too; do not settle for a simple raincoat at a department store. If you choose a fur-lined raincoat, then look for a qualified furrier who can fit the coat to your body’s dimensions. This will ensure a perfect fit.

    Look for Style

    Since you will be wearing your raincoat often this season, it should look and feel how you desire. Look for coat styles that complement your body shape, and choose colors that can easily fit in wherever you wear them. If you are not sure of what style of raincoat you want, speak with your furrier about the different styles and colors that may look good on you. Look for a basic style that will easily follow trends through the years.

    Choosing a fur-lined raincoat for winter

  • Get Two Coats In One! Reversible Fur Coats and Fur Jackets

    Winter is the best time of year to have a comfortable and stylish fur coat or fur jacket to keep you warm in Chicago. Picking a fur coat or fur jacket is all up to you, your purpose, your budget and your style. Instead of sticking to one fur all winter, a reversible fur coat or fur jacket may be perfect for you.

    Buying a reversible fur to microfiber coat or a reversible fur to leather coat, will give you plenty of outfit options and allow you to stay warm and stylish all season long. Reversible fur coats or fur jackets give you the ability to pick what you feel would suit your outfit best for the day or night without having to drag more than one fur along. When you are out in the cold this winter, making sure your reversible fur garment fits comfortably is extremely important as well. Speak with your furrier right away to help you explore all of the fur and material options for your reversible coat as well as make sure it fits perfectly.

    Reversible fur coats & fur jackets

  • Purchasing Furs Online Vs. At a Store

    Purchasing Furs Online Vs. At a Store

    Purchasing a fur is one of the best investments that you can make for your wardrobe. During the coldest months of winter, your fur will keep you warm, while also providing each outfit with impeccable style. After you purchase your fur and fur accessories, you will need to find a professional furrier that offers fur storage in Chicago. Regular cleaning and Fur cold storage will keep the pelt and leather clean, soft, and supple after you put your fur away for the season. If you are considering the purchase of a new fur, it is recommended that you always purchase your fur from a professional furrier in a store, rather than online. fur - coat

    Examine Quality

    Buying a fur coat at a furrier will allow you to carefully examine the quality of your piece. As you are inspecting your fur, you will want to make sure that the surface of the pelt has a smooth and soft feel. You can also feel the pelt to ensure that it has a well developed fur pattern. Finally, you can also look at the leather side to make sure that it is supple and well conditioned.

    Ensure Proper Fit

    When you purchase your fur in a store, you will also be able to make sure that your coat or accessory fits you properly. A fur coat should drape elegantly over your shoulders, without being too loose or too snug. To make sure that your fur is able to keep you warm, you will also want to determine where your coat will hit on your leg or thigh. Your professional furrier will alter your garment to assure that it fits your body perfectly!

    Evaluate Weight

    Shopping for a fur online could result in the purchase of a garment that is too heavy or light for your preferences. At your local furrier, you will be able to examine each piece in the collection and find a fur that is the right weight for your preferences. After you have purchased a luxurious new fur coat, you can protect your investment by placing your fur in a reputable storage facility.

    Consider Color

    Shopping in a fur salon you will be able to see the vast array of colors and shades of all the types of furs. The only way to assure that the fur color is exactly what you want is to see it in person in the store. Online images do not always properly portray color.

  • Should You Hang Your Fur?

    A fur coat is an investment piece. When it is properly stored and maintained, a fur can last for a lifetime and even become a treasured family heirloom that gets passed down from one generation to the next. To get the longest possible life from your fur, proper storage is essential. When you are ready to store your fur in Chicago , what is the best way to keep it from being damaged over time?

    Hanging your fur is the best way to ensure that it continues to remain in its original condition. However, it’s also important to make sure that you are keeping the fur at the correct temperature and humidity level. Your best option for long-term storage or just for off season when you’re not wearing it, is to keep your fur at a professional fur storage facility. A professional furrier will be able to hang your fur in cold storage, extending its life and keeping it in superb condition for years to come.

    Hanging your fur in cold storage for best condition

  • What to Consider When Gifting Furs

    Furs make truly special gifts that can last for a lifetime. However, there are several things to consider when giving the gift of fur, so that the recipient can make the most of it. When you go shopping for furs in Chicago to give as a gift, keep these considerations in mind. Things to consider before shopping for furs


    Where the recipient lives can influence your decision when buying furs dramatically. For instance, for someone in Chicago and other places with cold winters, fur coats are great for keeping away the chill. If you’re buying fur for someone who lives in a warmer climate, fur accessories may be a better solution, since they can easily be worn with lighter jackets. When you’re purchasing the fur, be sure to ask questions about which types of fur are warmest and which are a little lighter, so you can select accordingly.


    When some people think of fur, they only picture long, formal fur coats. Although these gorgeous types of coats are timeless, they are not the right choice for everyone. Fortunately, there are many different ways to wear fur—enough so that it can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Consider the style of the recipient, and choose a fur that complements his or her look. For some people, this could mean a formal, full-length fur, while others may prefer a fur cape or other type of accessory. Short fur coats are good for dressing up and down, so they are ideal for wearing frequently.


    Fur requires a certain amount of special care when it comes to cleaning and storage. Be sure that the recipient has the resources to devote to the kind of care the fur you choose will need. For instance, if you’re purchasing fur for a younger person, you may want to choose a fur accessory that doesn’t need a lot of attention, while if your gift is for someone a little older who can commit to proper fur care, you may want to invest in a coat that could be passed down from generation to generation.

  • Spotlight on Fur Coat Restyling

    When you visit an experienced furrier in Chicago, you can opt for fur coat alterations or fur coat restyling. Fur coat restyling allows you to adjust the size, shape, and style of your luxury fur coat to keep up with current trends and fashions. When you bring your fur coat into a furrier for coat restyling, you can also opt for fur coat repairs and fur remodeling to further enhance the style and beauty of your coat.

    If your luxury fur coat is no longer the most stylish length, cut, or style, an experienced furrier can perform professional fur coat restyling. This allows you to continue wearing your beautiful fur coat, instead of giving it away or relegating it to permanent fur storage.

    Shortening a longer fur coat will give your fur coat a fashion makeover, and will also eliminate any damage or wear and tear to the hem of the fur coat. Your furrier can also perform expert fur coat alterations to change the size and style of your fur coat. A roomy, boxy fur coat can quickly become a sleek, fitted fur coat.

    Learn about the fur coat restyling

  • Which Classic Fur Style Is Right for You?

    Looking to buy a fur coat in Chicago ? There are many different styles of fur coats available to fit any fashion preference—some are hip and trendy, others follow designer runway looks, and even more are made in timeless styles that never go out of fashion. These classic furs usually have a more traditional look and conservative cut that looks fantastic on anyone. If you’re a first-time fur buyer, choose a classic fur with clean, minimalistic lines that will look good no matter the trends. Keep reading to learn more about the different varieties of classic fur styles.

    Learn which classic fur style is right for you Full-Length Coats

    A full-length fur coat, also called a greatcoat, is the most versatile fur coat style. It goes with everything in your wardrobe—slacks, skirts of all cuts, dresses, and formal wear. A greatcoat is also the best choice if you live in a cold, wintry climate, as it will keep your whole body warm. Are most greatcoats a little long for you? Your local fur salon should have a furrier who can alter the hem to the perfect length for your height.

    Seven-Eighths Length Coats

    Do you want a coat that’s long enough to keep you fully warm, but still lets your style show through? Consider a seven-eighths length coat. This style usually hits around the knees, covering about seven-eighths of the clothes you wear underneath. That way, passersby will still get a peek at your chosen outfit, or you can show off your stunning legs.

    Three-Quarter Length Coats

    Like seven-eighths length coats, three-quarter length coats keep all of your upper body and some of your lower body covered so that you can stay warm on wintry days. Three-quarter length coats usually hit around the mid-thigh area. They show a bit more leg than seven-eighths length coats, and are especially flattering on petite body frames.

    Stroller Coats

    Want the fur look, but don’t need full-coverage warmth? Stroller fur coats are a little bit longer than jacket-length. They look great with pantsuits and shorter dresses or skirts. In addition, they’re extremely versatile, going between casual and formal looks with ease.

  • A Glance at Different Types of Fur

    Fur coats in Chicago can be made from a variety of different types of fur. Furs from different animals have different looks, textures, and durability. The type of fur that you prefer to wear will depend on your color preferences, how frequently you intend to wear the fur, and how you like the fur to feel. Keep reading for a quick glance at different types of fur.

    Fur coats Mink

    Fur coats made from mink fur are the most popular choice for most people—and for good reason! Mink are populous in North America, and their fur is extremely durable. In fact, it can last over two decades if proper fur care is practiced. The hairs of mink fur generally have a silky texture and even length, with a natural sheen.


    Fox fur has distinctive coloring and is made of longer hairs. Because of this specific look, fox fur is very popular among those who want a glamourous look. Fox also has a consistent demand in colder climates. Fox fur is durable and can be worn frequently; however, it does shed more than shorter hair furs. Of course all furs need to be cleaned at least once a year in order to maintain their suppleness and luster. Red fox fur, which is the most common type of fox fur, is generally less expensive than other types of fox fur. Fox fur comes in many natural and dyed colors.


    The ermine is a type of weasel whose brown, gray, or yellow fur changes to a snowy white during wintertime. This type of fur was once the most expensive, and was reserved for royalty. Nowadays, the fur is much more affordable. This fur type is very warm and great for extremely cold climates. As it is seen to be too formal for everyday looks, an ermine fur coat lasts a long time when reserved for formal events only. This fur needs to be cared for appropriately so that it retains its white color. Keep it stored away from sunlight, which could potentially turn it a shade of yellow.

  • The Hottest Trends in Fur Today

    With each new year, there are new fashion industry trends for wearing fur in Chicago. If you have fur coats or fur accessories that you would like to update in order to keep up with the most current fur trends, you can take them to an experienced fur specialist for fur remodeling, fur coat alterations, or fur coat restyling. Here is a look at some of the hottest trends in fur today. Latest trends in fur today

    Fur Hats Are the Most Stylish of the Fur Accessories

    Out of all of the fur accessories that you could choose for 2016, fashion industry experts have declared that the fur hat is the most stylish choice. This season, many designers are including fur hats as part of their 2016 fashion lines. From oversized fox fur hats to dainty mink fur berets, you can make any outfit look trendy and stylish with this crucial fur accessory. You can pair a fur hat with both casual and chic ensembles and still look fashionable.

    Oversized Fur Coats Are Back In

    Another key trend for 2016 furs is the oversized fur coat. As you start shopping the holiday fur sales, keep an eye out for big, boxy fur coats. Whether you’re wearing a cropped fur coat or a full-length one, buy one a size or two larger than what you would typically wear. An oversized fur coat is a statement piece that will ensure that you’re on-trend this season. For an even bolder look, find an oversized fur coat that is dyed in more than one color for an ombré effect.

    Mink and Fox Furs Are the Fur of Choice

    The most popular type of fur for fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories this season is mink fur and fox fur. Fox fur has been popular for generations, as it is dense, long-haired, soft, and silky. Multicolored mink fur is also incredibly popular with designers for 2016. Look for fox or mink fur accessories, fur coats and boots trimmed in fox or mink fur, and mink hats or fox trapper hats.

  • How Fur Layaway Works

    If you’re interested in luxury fur sales in Chicago , but don’t quite have it in your budget at the moment, a fur layaway service can help. A fur layaway program allows you to reserve a luxury fur, or put it on hold, with a fur sales expert. You can then make payments on your fur over a period of time. Fur layaway program

    A fur layaway program is a valuable thing to consider in the spring, summer and fall, as you’ll have a gorgeous luxury fur waiting for you when the cold winter weather hits. Just visit a fur sales store near you, and pick out a stylish fur coat, fur cape, or fur accessory. You will need to make a small down payment to begin the layaway process.

    After your down payment, you simply need to make regular, interest-free payments towards the total value of your luxury fur. The length of your payment term depends upon the guidelines set up by your fur salesperson and the furrier you visit. After finishing your payments, the layaway term is over, and you can pick up your new luxury fur.

    Andriana Furs has a huge selection of furs, leathers, shearlings, fur reversibles, fur trimmed cashmeres and fur accessories you can choose from. There is a large variety of styles and sizes to suit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. Put one on Layaway and when winter arrives your warm, beautiful fur or leather will be ready for you to pick up!

    If you would like more information about acquiring a new fur, please call Andriana Furs at (773) 779-7000 .