Choosing a Fur-lined Raincoat or Raincoat Parka for Winter

With winter here, that means the temperatures have dropped and rainy days have begun. With the changing weather, you need a fur-lined raincoat (a full length garment) or fur-lined raincoat parka (a shorter garment with a hood) that will see you through the winter with beauty and comfort. Fur-lined raincoats will keep you warm, but will also allow you to easily remove the fur from the coat’s lining when you need it. Let’s take a closer look at choosing your next Chicago fur-lined raincoat or raincoat parka.

Look for Versatility

During this winter, a versatile raincoat, such as a fur-lined raincoat, will come in handy for every cold and rainy day. A fur-lined raincoat could last you through the winter, if you plan correctly. Fur-lined raincoats have a zip-out fur lining that will keep you warm when you need it and are easily changed whenever you would like.

Look for Comfort

Your fur-lined raincoat will likely be used most days this winter, so it should be comfortable to wear often. Ensure that your fur-lined raincoat fits you well too; do not settle for a simple raincoat at a department store. If you choose a fur-lined raincoat, then look for a qualified furrier who can fit the coat to your body’s dimensions. This will ensure a perfect fit.

Look for Style

Since you will be wearing your raincoat often this season, it should look and feel how you desire. Look for coat styles that complement your body shape, and choose colors that can easily fit in wherever you wear them. If you are not sure of what style of raincoat you want, speak with your furrier about the different styles and colors that may look good on you. Look for a basic style that will easily follow trends through the years.

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Get Two Coats In One! Reversible Fur Coats and Fur Jackets

Winter is the best time of year to have a comfortable and stylish fur coat or fur jacket to keep you warm in Chicago. Picking a fur coat or fur jacket is all up to you, your purpose, your budget and your style. Instead of sticking to one fur all winter, a reversible fur coat or fur jacket may be perfect for you.

Buying a reversible fur to microfiber coat or a reversible fur to leather coat, will give you plenty of outfit options and allow you to stay warm and stylish all season long. Reversible fur coats or fur jackets give you the ability to pick what you feel would suit your outfit best for the day or night without having to drag more than one fur along. When you are out in the cold this winter, making sure your reversible fur garment fits comfortably is extremely important as well. Speak with your furrier right away to help you explore all of the fur and material options for your reversible coat as well as make sure it fits perfectly.

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Taking a Closer Look at Fox Fur

Fox fur coats, which had once waned in popularity, have made a dramatic comeback. With distinctive coloring, long fur, and easy maintenance, fox fur coats in Chicago are in demand. If you’re considering buying fox fur coats or accessories, here is what you need to know. fox - fur

Fox Fur Basics

Fox fur is longhaired, which makes it very warm. For this reason, it is especially popular in cold climates. Even when its popularity temporarily dipped in the U.S., fox fur coats were still extremely fashionable and sought after in Europe and Russia. Because of the popularity of fox furs in these markets, much of the fox fur that is used for coats and accessories comes from ranchers in these regions. Scandinavia in particular has large numbers of fox furriers and is a major supplier to the world market.


At one time, fox fur had a very distinctive, reddish hue. Now, with a variety of ranching practices, plus the popularity of dyeing fur, fox fur coast come in a number of different colors. Blue fox fur ranges from white with bluish highlight to blue with brown and pure blue. Cross fox fur has red and yellow tints, while gray fox fur mixes gray fur with red highlights. Plantina fox fur is highly prized and has a platinum look mixed with white fur that has been lightly bleached. White fox fur often has a blue tint and has an especially thick underfur, which makes it one of the warmest options. Fox fur can also be dyed in an endless array of colors, which means it is easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.


Fox fur is especially durable and requires only a minimal amount of care. Regular cleaning keeps the fur looking full and the skin supple. As with all types of fur, it is important to store all of your fox fur coats and accessories properly, using fur cold storage, and to get any necessary repairs done professionally. White fox fur requires the most attention and may need to be professionally bleached periodically to prevent yellowing.

Fur Storage 101

It is very important that you put your fur coats, capes, accessories, and other luxury furs into fur cold storage in Chicago as the weather becomes warmer. Without proper storage, your furs may become bug-eaten, musty or moldy, or bald. Here is a look at the basics of fur storage, including why it is necessary, how to find a good fur cold storage facility, and what to do before you place your luxury furs into fur storage.


Why Fur Storage is Necessary

The intense heat and humidity of the spring, summer, and early fall months can cause extensive damage to your fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories. Your luxury furs will begin to lose some of their natural oils, and can dry out and become cracked. Storing your furs in unregulated temperatures and facilities can also put them at risk for damage caused by a bug infestation, sunlight, friction from other clothing, and extreme or fluctuating temperatures.

Finding a Fur Cold Storage Facility

The best place to start when looking for a fur cold storage facility is to ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also ask your furrier, fur salesman, fur tailor, or fur restoration expert to recommend a reputable storage facility. Many fur sales shops have their own fur storage on-site. The fur cold storage facility should have adequate security to protect your luxury furs from damage or theft. It should maintain a temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 45 and 55%. The fur cold storage facility should also have minimal exposure to UV light, and should be protected from insect or vermin infestations.

Preparing Luxury Furs for Fur Storage

Before placing fur coats, fur capes, or fur accessories into fur storage, you should make sure that they get the necessary fur care. You can bring your luxury furs to your local furrier for thorough, professional fur cleaning, repairs, restoration, and remodeling. Proper fur care will further protect your luxury furs from damage while they are in fur cold storage.

Which Classic Fur Style Is Right for You?

Looking to buy a fur coat in Chicago ? There are many different styles of fur coats available to fit any fashion preference—some are hip and trendy, others follow designer runway looks, and even more are made in timeless styles that never go out of fashion. These classic furs usually have a more traditional look and conservative cut that looks fantastic on anyone. If you’re a first-time fur buyer, choose a classic fur with clean, minimalistic lines that will look good no matter the trends. Keep reading to learn more about the different varieties of classic fur styles.

Classic Fur Style Full-Length Coats

A full-length fur coat, also called a greatcoat, is the most versatile fur coat style. It goes with everything in your wardrobe—slacks, skirts of all cuts, dresses, and formal wear. A greatcoat is also the best choice if you live in a cold, wintry climate, as it will keep your whole body warm. Are most greatcoats a little long for you? Your local fur salon should have a furrier who can alter the hem to the perfect length for your height.

Seven-Eighths Length Coats

Do you want a coat that’s long enough to keep you fully warm, but still lets your style show through? Consider a seven-eighths length coat. This style usually hits around the knees, covering about seven-eighths of the clothes you wear underneath. That way, passersby will still get a peek at your chosen outfit, or you can show off your stunning legs.

Three-Quarter Length Coats

Like seven-eighths length coats, three-quarter length coats keep all of your upper body and some of your lower body covered so that you can stay warm on wintry days. Three-quarter length coats usually hit around the mid-thigh area. They show a bit more leg than seven-eighths length coats, and are especially flattering on petite body frames.

Stroller Coats

Want the fur look, but don’t need full-coverage warmth? Stroller fur coats are a little bit longer than jacket-length. They look great with pantsuits and shorter dresses or skirts. In addition, they’re extremely versatile, going between casual and formal looks with ease.

How to Wear a Fur Vest

Are you ready to add a touch of elegance and flair to your winter, spring or fall wardrobe? Chicago’s fur accessories , such as a fur vest, can be both practical and fashionable solutions to any blustery winter day or the cool days of spring and fall. Fur vests are especially popular right now, and they create a look that anyone can pull off with ease.

Fur vests are a great layering option for transitional weather days—your body will be warm, but if the weather changes, you won’t have to carry a heavy coat over your arm to stay comfortable. Try wearing your fur vest with jeans and booties for a very of-the-moment look, or wear it over a classic little black dress for extra elegance.

Remember to practice proper fur care with your fur accessories, just as you would with a more expensive fur coat. When you’re not wearing your fur vest, keep it in a cool, dry place away from light. This will help keep your fur vest looking its best.

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Why Incorporate Fur into Your Wardrobe?

Fur sale in Chicago continues to increase in popularity. Fur coats, jackets, and capes now come in a wide range of lengths, styles, and colors. When you buy fur, you can completely customize your selection. Fur coats also offer significantly more comfort and warmth than wool or down. With proper fur care , a fur coat can last for your entire life—and can even be passed down to your loved ones. Keep reading to learn more about why a fur coat offers unparalleled warmth, complete comfort, diverse styles, and easy care—and why fur is essential for your wardrobe. fur-coat-jacket

Unparalleled Warmth

One of the primary reasons to invest in fur is its unparalleled warmth. Many people never think about the fact that furs are bodies’ natural responses to cold weather. Whether you buy a fluffy rabbit jacket, a luxurious and rare lynx, or a soft raccoon or fox stole, fur allows you to stay warm no matter the outside temperature.

Complete Comfort

Whether you buy fur capes or invest in long coats, fur feels like no other fabric or texture. Soft and enveloping, fur is luxurious to the touch. Unlike wool or man-made fabrics, fur never feels itchy or uncomfortable on the skin. Because modern furs are increasingly designed for everyday wear, your fur coat will be both lightweight and versatile.

Diverse Styles

When it comes to fur, you have more options than ever before. While luxury furs were formerly reserved for formal occasions and long ball gowns, today’s fur coats are perfect for jeans or a dress. There are so many kinds and styles of fur that you can now select everything from a traditional long mink coat to a cropped blue rabbit fur jacket.

Easy Care

Furs are so durable that they last for decades. A fur coat is made of natural fiber, which makes it more resilient than any of its counterparts. Fur can also be updated, recycled, and re-purposed to suit any personality and style.

The Hottest Trends in Fur Today

With each new year, there are new fashion industry trends for wearing fur in Chicago. If you have fur coats or fur accessories that you would like to update in order to keep up with the most current fur trends, you can take them to an experienced fur specialist for fur remodeling, fur coat alterations, or fur coat restyling. Here is a look at some of the hottest trends in fur today. Fur trends

Fur Hats Are the Most Stylish of the Fur Accessories

Out of all of the fur accessories that you could choose for 2016, fashion industry experts have declared that the fur hat is the most stylish choice. This season, many designers are including fur hats as part of their 2016 fashion lines. From oversized fox fur hats to dainty mink fur berets, you can make any outfit look trendy and stylish with this crucial fur accessory. You can pair a fur hat with both casual and chic ensembles and still look fashionable.

Oversized Fur Coats Are Back In

Another key trend for 2016 furs is the oversized fur coat. As you start shopping the holiday fur sales, keep an eye out for big, boxy fur coats. Whether you’re wearing a cropped fur coat or a full-length one, buy one a size or two larger than what you would typically wear. An oversized fur coat is a statement piece that will ensure that you’re on-trend this season. For an even bolder look, find an oversized fur coat that is dyed in more than one color for an ombré effect.

Mink and Fox Furs Are the Fur of Choice

The most popular type of fur for fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories this season is mink fur and fox fur. Fox fur has been popular for generations, as it is dense, long-haired, soft, and silky. Multicolored mink fur is also incredibly popular with designers for 2016. Look for fox or mink fur accessories, fur coats and boots trimmed in fox or mink fur, and mink hats or fox trapper hats.

The Early History of Fur in Fashion

If you own fur coats or other luxury furs in Chicago , you might be interested in learning more about the history of fur. Humans first began wearing clothing made out of animal pelts and fur about 170,000 years ago. Since then, fur clothing and fur accessories have become a symbol of wealth, luxury, and high fashion. Here is a look at the early history of fur in fashion. Fur

European Luxury Furs in the 11 th Century

As early as the 11 th century, fur was worn as a symbol of wealth and social status rather than just out of the need for warmth. European royalty regularly wore fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories made from mink, sable, and chinchilla fur. By the 1300s, laws were introduced that regulated which social classes were allowed to wear which types of furs.

Fur Rose in Popularity During Victorian Era

The fashion industry’s increasing demand for luxury furs lead to the development of fur farms by the 1870s. The fur coats that were worn by Victorian men typically were lined with fur on the inside and crafted of other materials on the outside. Women’s fur coats were generally lined with fur at the collar, wrists, and hem. The use of luxury furs in movies further increased the popularity of fur coats and fur accessories.

By the 1950s Fur Became More Affordable and Casual

By the 1950s, most film stars were spotted wearing luxury furs in movies and in their private lives. While the price of fur began to climb, designers also began creating more casual looks with fur. Fur coats became shorter, and it was acceptable to wear furs during the daytime. By the 1960s, fur was more affordable than ever, and designers even began crafting faux fur coats and accessories.

Examining Some Popular Types of Fur

If you’re interested in luxury furs near Chicago , you may be interested in the current fur coat trends for this season. Each different type of fur creates a beautiful, distinctive fur coat, fur cape, or fur accessory that has its own unique style. Keep reading to learn about some popular types of luxury furs used in fur coats and accessories.

Mink Fur

Mink fur is very popular for luxury fur coats because it is incredibly soft and plush, extremely elegant, and is lightweight and durable. Mink fur can easily be used to create both formal and more casual fur coats. Longhaired mink fur has a lustrous coat, and soft, dense fur underneath. Premium mink fur allows for beautiful, durable fur coats that will last a lifetime with the right care. Mink fur is available in a wide variety of natural colors and textures. Winter Fur Coat

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit fur has long been celebrated as one of the softest, silkiest furs available. A natural, longhaired rabbit fur coat is classic and sophisticated. You can also opt for sheared rabbit fur for a sportier look. Rabbit fur capes, stoles, hats, gloves, and other fur accessories are warm and luxurious. Rabbit fur is very versatile, and easily lends itself to a number of different styles. It can be sheared, dyed, knitted, and sculpted to create unique designs.

Fox Fur

Fox fur is known for being fluffy, full-bodied, and glamorous. This long, shiny fur is very popular in luxury fur coats, and also makes beautiful trim for boots, gloves, hats, and other fur accessories. Fox fur is very warm, which means it’s ideal for long, elegant winter fur coats and fur accessories. It is often used as fur lining for boots and gloves. Fox fur is available in a number of different colors and textures, such as silver, white, red, gray, and mixed. It can also be dyed any color imaginable to create a stylish, striking fur coat.

Andriana Furs has a huge selection of many types of furs including mink, beaver, fox, rabbit, coyote, sable, lynx, chinchilla and more! They are available in a variety of styles, lengths and sizes (including extra large and extra long). Come in and feel how warm and luxurious a fur can be! We have one to fit every lifestyle and budget!

If you would like more information about the different types of fur or acquiring a new fur, please call Andriana Furs at (773) 779-7000 .